Final Sled

  • Download the sled file from HERE
  • Go to --> --> --> and select
  • Before you start cutting, make sure it's positioned where you want it on the cutting area. To move it around, hover the mouse over the new position, click and hold the left button down until a menu appears, then select [Set Home]
  • To start cutting, turn the router On and press

          IMPORTANT - Make sure your computer has "Sleep settings" set to "never while on power" to avoid USB disconnections.

Remove it from the plywood and install the hardware

  • Cut the holding tabs to remove it from the plywood.
  • Do not cut the tabs holding the centerpiece just yet, you will need them to center the router and screw the base down.
  • Keep the router bit you used to cut out this sled chucked up in your router.
  • Place the router bit through the center hole (red arrow) to ensure a perfect alignment, then screw the base down.
  • Remove the router from its base and knock out the central puck, which is held in place with thin tabs.
  • Re-insert the router back into the base.
  • Use the other bigger holes to align the ring (green arrows).
  • Attach the bricks.