Mounting the motors

  • Screw the brackets onto the top beam as shown below (one at each of the top beam's ends) - use medium size screws in bag #4
  • Attach the motors to the brackets (bolts in bag #6)
  • Install the two sprockets using the included Allen wrench in bag #5

Installing the Control Board

  • Attach the electronics to the back of the top beam using the screws and nylon spacers in bag #5.
  • Connect the motors to the controller as shown below.
  • NOTE: The control board's firmware comes already pre-installed (plug and play).

Connecting to the machine

  • Open Ground Control and connect to the machine
  • Click on --> --> and select the port from the list ->

Begin Calibration

  • Click on --> --> --> [Begin]
  • Follow on-screen instructions

Reference Image


  • Your machine is now calibrated and ready to cut.
  • Please, go to the next final step.