New Shield v1.4 TLE5206 vs Old shield v1.2 L298P

The new shield v1.4 offers many improvements over it's predecessor.

Every single one, out of the three TLE5206 chips on the new v1.4 board is capable of driving more power than the whole old 1.2 shield!

This v1.4 shield is in total almost 4 times more powerful than the older version, it uses one dedicated 5A (6A peak) for each motor, with stainless steel bolted and soldered heat-sinks for maximum heat protection.

It is made in USA with name brand components from authorized distributors, to ensure safety and performance.

Old v1.2 New v1.4
  • 2 motor drivers (L298P), one chip dedicated, the other shared.
  • *Each chip delivers up to 2A continuous, 4A combined.
  • No output full short circuit protected.
  • No over temperature protection.
  • No under voltage lockout.
  • Sticker mounted heat sink.
  • Discontinued
  • 3 dedicated motor drivers, each motor has its own chip (TLE5206).
  • Each chip delivers up to 5A continuous, 15A combined.
  • Output full short circuit protected.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • Under voltage lockout.
  • Bolted, bigger/better heat sink.
  • 6 Months warranty


You can rest assured that this new shield will be up to the most demanding jobs, while performing well between its safe operating margins.

*The old Maslow PowerControl board v1.2 uses a pair of simple surface-mounted driver chips, one chip controls 2 motors (Y/Z) and the other the X axis, this forces one chip to max out trying to cope with the demanding current of two motors at once, making it prone to overheat. Sooner or later, it will burn out and fail.

See this example of the old shield v1.2 failing

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