What is Maslow CNC?

Maslow CNC is a full size 4’ x 8’ router machine that can cut projects out of wood, a variety of plastics (e.g. acrylic and HDPE) and other materials.

It is a fully functional CNC router machine. One of the key benefits of Maslow CNC is that it is open source and customizable. See more at maslowcnc.com


What can I do with it?

There is no limit about what you can create. Some of the most common products our customers create are signs, trays, toys, guitars, home decoration, games, tables, chairs, and modular furniture in general. You can browse ready-to-cut community projects [here]

With Maslow CNC you are not just limited to make projects that are completed exclusively on the machine. Many users use it to mill parts/fixtures for larger projects, like kayaks, rv’s, or even houses. You can also cut out segments that are later assembled to make the final product.


Why are higher priced kits from different providers?

Don’t get misled by marketing techniques offering kits with added bonuses that are free resources from internet or are self claimed “upgrades” with the sole purpose of inflating the price. The original Maslow setup has a precision of 0.5mm (0.0196 inch) or less as reported numerous times by real users.

Before you go ahead and pay double the original kit’s price make sure it really improves something, not just looks different.

Our full kit is made with the best hardware, it includes the latest ring version, the most powerful Arduino shield v1.4 made in USA ($75 value), laser-cut ring/carriages made from high carbon steel, z-axis control and more...

It's a well proven system that is being sold by the thousands worldwide and is the setup that %95 of the Maslow cnc owners are using to create the projects you see online.

Our vision is to make large cnc technology affordable to everyone, we love the Maker's Movement and see projects like Maslow cnc as an opportunity for people to learn and get into technologies that would otherwise be difficult. The kit's original price from Bar Smith (kit creator) was $350 without z-axis control or $410 with z-axis control plus $12.50 shipping in USA.

Do your research, compare and then decide what’s best for you :)


Do you offer warranty?

Yes, our kit comes with 6 months full warranty on hardware, electronics and motors.

Shipping labels for returning defective parts and new replacement items are included in our warranty.


Is this a Maslow cnc kit?

Yes it is, we are authorized kits and parts supplier. Bar Smith was the original creator of this incredible machine, he is still an active member of the Maslow community forum, and the person responsible for the Maslow websites as well as software and firmware updates, however, he is no longer selling kits, instead, he has decided to outsource the sales. There are four different kit providers at the moment:

East Bay Source

Metal Maslow

Maslow surplus parts

Maker made


How long does it takes to ship?

We are shipping our kits from USA, for domestic mail it takes 1 to 5 days to deliver, or 6 to 10 days to deliver worldwide.


What else do I need to start cutting?

Our kit comes with everything you need, except for the router, computer, and wooden frame.

The z-axis provided with the kit is designed to be used with a Ridgid R22002 router, however you can find extensive information in the forum community from users successfully using a variety of different routers.


Is this the latest version of the kit?

Yes, our kit comes with the ring system, upgraded Etonm motor gears, and upgraded TLE5206 shield.


Where can I get the software/firmware?

You can download the original software/firmware from [HERE]

It is open source, free to download and free to use.



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